THE ULTIME ATOME ... as if you were here

Good food connoisseurs, Brusseleers by birth, adoption or simply transiting, have long settled by the slate tables of the Ultime Atome, timeless refuge exuding its typical “Brusselian’s” charm in the shadow of Saint-Boniface’s church located in the heart of Matongé, in the Ixelles neighborhood.


Ideal for a stop over a meal, a drink or a coffee, the Ultime Atome offers a true range of the Franco-Belgian cuisine in an Art Nouveau "revisité" decor where the atmosphere couldn’t be more cosmopolitan.


A not-so-typical brasserie that provides daily new suggestions, homemade recipes and dishes for eating "on the go", quick turnaround at noon for a lunch between colleagues or a pleasant setting for a sit down with friends in the evening.


What better way to experience a tad more Brussels than to chill on our terrace and enjoy one of our 92 beers on the menu, - six of which are served on tap -, or the ones on the “Flavor of the Month” board......

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